Dear Juliet, #3 by Trudy Stiles

Autographed by Trudy!

Follow the lives of two incredible people as they battle their way through many years of heartache, loss and love. This story will take you on an epic journey that spans almost 20 years. Two best friends connected by childhood, broken by tragedy and healed by trust. He known her since the third grade. He loved her since their teen years. But her heart belonged to his best friend. Everything changes when a tragic accident threatens to destroy both of their lives. Juliet Oliver was adopted at birth and has always been haunted by the reality that she wasn't wanted. Despite her loving family, she emotionally detaches from everyone in her life, except for one person. He been a rock and a much needed source of support, love, and encouragement. Seth Tyson has had his share of tumultuous relationships. He constantly battling his own demons, led by issues at home. His father is a womanizer. His mother is an alcoholic, battling depression. But he makes a choice to leave his family behind and start a new life across the country. When Juliet life spirals out of control, she needs her best friend Seth more than anything. Can he stop her from self-destructing? And will he open his heart to her once more? Can they each find Redemption? Love? Family?

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282 Pages - New Adult Romance / Coming of Age

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