Dark Shadow, #1 by JS Phelps

Autographed by JS Phelps!

A year ago Mia Andrews left her hometown looking for a fresh start from her abusive past. Her life was back on track and she loved her new job as an ER nurse in Tampa. But just when she thought life had thrown her enough curve balls, she stumbles over Kade Marshall in her ER, looking sexy as sin and everything she has ever wanted. He used to be her best friend before life got in the way and pulled them apart. They were attached at the hip once upon a time and she can't wait to reconnect, secretly hoping for more than friendship this time around.
So when fate throws them back together again, who is she to say no? And when he looks at her with the same fiery passion and desire? Mia has no problem jumping back into his life and finally letting go of her traumatic past. But just when things seem perfect, that past comes back to haunt her. Can she have her happily ever after, or will it all be ripped away? Not if Kade has anything to say about it.

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394 Pages - New Adult Romance

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