Crow's Redemption, #2 by TM Grinsley

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(This book is recommended for 18+)

They have both taken oaths. They should be enemies. But their hearts just won't listen. Christian lost everything he once loved. Now, the massive Hrothgier Warrior has sworn to spend his life hunting and killing the Crows he believes are responsible for the death of his family. And he has kept that oath, brutally, mercilessly, until now. This pint-sized woman with her white hair and violet eyes scares the hell out of him. Does he bed the enemy and betray his oath? Or follow his heart and find out if the gods really do believe in second chances? Amy is a Seer, all her life she has been told that her visions are a gift. She wouldn't call it that. Plagued by visions of impending disaster, she knows that she must find a way to save both her people-the Crows, and the Hrothgier, if any of them are to survive. She doesn't have time for brooding warriors with eyes that call to her soul. Can he kill her to keep his oath? Can she trust him enough to defy the gods for their love? Blood, Honour, Betrayal. Welcome back to the World of THE VIKINGS.

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365 Pages - Historical Romance

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