Craving You #2 by Ashley Christin - BOOK BONANZA PICKUP ONLY

Autographed by Ashley!


Being around Parker Taylor is like walking a tightrope; the feelings of lust and hate come with the sway of my emotions. One foot in front of the other keeps my life balanced until he causes my steps to falter. One day, I hate his perfect self, and the next, I want to have his babies. He a bad habit I can't allow myself to become addicted to.


Being around Kelsey Whitten makes my blood rush and not only south. One minute, I'm pushing her up on the bathroom counter, and the next, she cussing at me from those sweet lips of hers. One taste from her smart mouth and I'm sign-me-up-for-a-twelve-step-program addicted. She habit-forming and that doesn't work for me.

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