Come Home To Me by KT Ward

Autographed by KT Ward!

Aubrey Warren is the pastor’s sheltered daughter with more parental rules than explanations for the many bruises she hides. Drawn at first to Jake’s strength, Aubrey feeds off his valor and finds she will risk everything to be with him. While Aubrey’s unwavering faith sustains her, will it be enough to return Jake from a tour in Vietnam?

Jake Manning is intrigued by the new girl whose idealistic view of the world is intoxicating. Having been raised by an atheist and holding a draft notice he can’t avoid, Jake knows his time with Aubrey is limited. War changes a person, and the atrocities Jake participates in leave him reeling and unsure of his place in the world, but when Jake promised Aubrey forever, he meant it.

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328 Pages - Christian Military Romance

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