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Cloud Riders by P Clauss

Autographed by P Clauss!
In a world far into the galaxy, are two lands divided by an ancient barrier of toxic clouds, the Overlands and the Underlands. Centuries have passed since the genesis of the toxic cloud layer. The Overlanders have no knowledge of those beneath the clouds as the Underlanders struggle to live in a land of shadow and poison. An ancient prophecy told of a Reunitor that would be given the tools and knowledge to free the Lands of the toxic barrier and reunite the people. Ka’star is a spoiled, reckless prince of one of the Overland mountaintop kingdoms. He cares for no one, has no belief in a higher power and definitely doesn’t want the restrictions of being a ruler. After his life catastrophically changes, he finds himself in the Underlands with no way back home. As he struggles to adjust to life with the peoples of the Underlands, he comes to understand he has a destiny beyond anything he had ever dreamed.Ailyean, the Prophetess of the Underlands, has had word that the time of the Reunitor has come. But when he is revealed to her, she is mystified by the choice of the Creator and hopes she hadn’t misunderstood. She soon realizes that her faith and training will be strained to the limit as she must help the prophecy to come to its fulfillment.

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175 Pages - Not Romance / Fantasy

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