Chasing Forever, #4 by Kimberley Hatch

Autographed by Kimberley!

Don't miss a bonus short story found at the end of Chasing Forever featuring Leland.

Camille Dunfor is building her life from the ground up... again. Only this time, she doing it with a newborn daughter, which means she can't fail.
She used to see her brother bodyguard, Jack Knight, as just his employee. That is, until Jack is charged with Camille safety. Now, spending her time with this mysterious man, she can't help but wish he were more.

Jack has a dark past that doesn't allow for anyone to get close to him. Spending time protecting Camille and her sweet daughter was supposed to be nothing more than a job, but the more time he spends with them the more he beginning to imagine a life that very well may be out of his reach.

When Camille is confronted with her own past, will Jack set her free from it, even if it means losing her in the process?

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318 Pages

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