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Chain of Title, #1 by Robyn Roze

Autographed by Robyn!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Shayna Chastain's marriage crashed and burned. She walked away bruised but not broken, without so much as a glance over her shoulder at her philandering husband. His betrayal stung. But Shayna has experienced loss before, and she knows the worst happens when you least expect it.
Now feeling a bit past her prime and wanting a new direction in life, Shayna reawakens the woman she remembers being before she married Frank Chastain. She wants a different life from the one she's been living. However, family and friends think she's made a regrettable decision.
Frank Chastain, Mt. Pleasant's steely real estate mogul, begrudgingly signed the dissolution papers Shayna forced on him. He never wanted to divorce the love of his life, always believed they could work it out.
She'll be back.
He's sure of it.
Now more than ever Frank needs that to be true, because events have conspired in his life that threaten to blow open the secret he's been hiding. He needs Shayna to help him seal the lid shut, but time may have already run out.
Sean Parker owns an Italian restaurant that has become Shayna's oasis, giving her respite from the swirling storm around her. Their attraction is instant, but the fallout will last a lifetime. Sean's smooth, handsome exterior hides an unsavory past he walked away from years ago and has no intention of revisiting, or discussing. What matters is right now. And right now there's no way in hell he's going to lose the only woman he's ever loved.
The only woman he can't live without.
But life doesn't always let us keep our secrets. And these secrets are about to explode to the surface with far-reaching, deadly consequences.
How well do you know the people you love?
Even the one's you've known most of your life...?

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312 pages - Not Romance / Psychological Thriller

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