Camazotz Curse, #3 by Jennifer Foxcroft

Autographed by Jennifer!

The Camazotz are under attack. After the abduction of the Duskwing colony, the Shadows are on high alert. Rockland's colony is letting their fear of the modern, human world throw them into chaos and infighting. No matter how Rockland tries to convince his leaders that technology won't weaken their future, the members of the Fold undermine his actions. When Rocks' enemies ambush him, he's faced with his biggest challenge yet—staying true to his human need, or honoring the Camazotz traditions of old. With twelve blood bonds waiting to be fulfilled, Rocks must choose between his animal and human sides—each choice with its own devastating consequences. Turning to the one aeronaught he can depend on, Rocks is on a mission to find answers. His driving need to belong in this world catapults him into uncharted, dangerous territory. But he's not alone. With Connie by his side, they investigate the truth and lies surrounding ancient magic, and the mysterious, deadly fix.

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310 Pages - YA Paranormal

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