Buried in the Stars by Gretchen Tubbs - BOOK BONANZA PICKUP ONLY

Autographed by Gretchen!

I had nothing until I met the Winters Family. Vera Winters and her husband Doc took me in as one of their own, providing a safe haven from my abusive and alcoholic mother. Their two sons became my constant companions and best friends during the lowest points of my life. Sutton, with his love of the stars and his need to constantly rescue me. Easton, fiercely protective and loyal. I loved them both, as they loved me. But only one of them would have the power to completely break me. In the end I would have to choose between them - and disrupt the perfect family who had so generously welcomed me into their lives. Did I choose the one I might never trust again, or the one who loved me more than I could ever love him in return?

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