Brooklyn's Survival, book 2 by Elizabeth York

Autographed by Elizabeth!

Brooklyn Montgomery, was New York County’s Assistant 
District Attorney. but sadly lost her life to join witness protection as a 
killer had targeted her. Brooklyn, can’t handle the depressing life
of witness protection and returns home. 

Derrick Stevens, is a United States Marshal who has been charged
with keeping Brooklyn hidden, but the killer sends her presents, until
she can no longer deal with hiding. Upon her return home Derrick 
sticks around to watch as the life she thought she had unravels one 
person at a time. 

Mark Stone, has always been the love of Brooklyn’s life. From 
childhood friends to lovers these two have ran hot and cold as they 
try to determine their own boundaries,but upon Brooklyn’s return she 
meets Maya, Mark’s girlfriend. With no warning he had moved on it 
sends her into the arms of Derrick Stevens, but something about him
is off and she never lets her guard down. 

Taylor Cross, is the District Attorney who betrayed Brooklyn and 
sent her into witness protection. Can she forgive him or will she use 
what he loves about her to manipulate him? 

The adventure begins in an Applebee’s in Texas where Brooklyn struggles
to be Brooklyn and ends with ......

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