Broken Hearted by Brooklyn Taylor

Autographed by Brooklyn!

Dr. Trevor James didn’t want or expect anything from anybody. He worked every free minute he had and kept himself shut off from almost everybody. He had no intention on living his life any other way after losing the love of his life. Everything was going according to his plan until two interruptions started to change his way of thinking… His father’s illness and Ryann Payne. Ryann Payne lived a life of simplicity. She was happy with her modest life as a bartender and living a life where she answered to nobody. She surrounded herself with the things that she loved, never taking anything for granted after losing what she loved most before. The last thing she expected was to meet Trevor, Mr. Intense. Both Trevor and Ryann find out though that no matter how broken you are there still might be someone out there that can mend you and maybe, just maybe, bring you the happiness you deserved all along. If you let it that is.

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274 Pages - New Adult Romance 

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