Soul Redemption: Bright Light, #2 by JS Phelps

Autographed by JS Phelps!

Lexie Parker is a feisty take-charge kind of girl who knows just what she wants, and isn't afraid to step up to the plate to get it. So when she shows up at Emery Walker's door late one night, she fully expects to get what she asks for. His hot, ripped body... minus the clothes. But Emery has made a pact to stay away from relationships after one too many foiled attempts at finding true love. He respects Lexie. He has watched her for months now, and he wanted nothing more than to take her home for the night. But she isn't that kind of girl. And he can't be the kind of guy she needs right now. Unfortunately, his body has different ideas. When he closes his door, he knows his life will never be the same. She knows just how to twist him up inside and out, turning his life upside down. Little does he know his life is about to forever change as his band, Soul Redemption, steps into the spotlight and into the public eye. Along with the fame will come trouble from his past. Is Lexie up for all the challenges that come with dating a rock star? Or will his past mistakes come back to haunt him? Sparks will fly... lives will change... in more ways that one, as these two stumble through the rocky road to love and happiness

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370 Pages - Rockstar Romance

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