Breaking Through, #3 by Calista Smith

Autographed by Calista!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

After so much rain, there is finally a ray of sun breaking through the clouds that have haunted Raquel's life. His name is Neal and she couldn't be more happy. She finally has everything she's ever wanted. A nice man, a good job, a promising future. Dante is a thing of the past and she's determined to keep strong boundaries to ensure he stays there. But … now that they share a godchild, it's impossible to rid of him entirely. Not when he's always there. Still, she tries to push it all behind her. Little does she know that it may not be her past that she should be worried about. Neal might hold secrets that can change everything. Suddenly, she isn't so sure she'll ever get that happily ever after she thought she'd finally found. Boundaries break, secrets unfold, and what's left at the end of Rocky's journey is truth. And while the truth can hurt, it can also set you free.

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370 Pages - Multicultural Romance

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