Breaking South, #3 by Aly Stiles

Autographed by Aly!

A pop goddess has it all and it’s killing her.
A hockey player lost everything and is desperate to get it back.

Pop icon Genevieve Fox is on top of the world—staring down the cliff of a life she never wanted. The only thing more lonely and terrifying than her current path? Looking into the mirror at a girl she doesn’t know.

Goalie phenom Oliver Levesque was poised for greatness when a vicious ACL tear knocks him out for the season. As he fights through rehab, his physical pain is just the beginning of his excruciating journey back to the ice.

What happens when the girl who has everything falls for the man who lost it all?

Two lives have shattered… but sometimes you have to break something to fix it.

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308 Pages - New Adult Rockstar Romance


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