Book Bonanza Tote Bag Set

Did you go to Book Bonanza and love the tote bags so much you need another one?

Were you not able to go to Book Bonanza and really NEED a Book Bonanza tote bag?

The answer to these questions is: HECK YES I DO!!!

This one of a kind, limited edition, never before sold, uniquely rare, and will sell on Ebay for millions of dollars in 2099 includes:

  • 1 cool Book Bonanza Tote bag
  • 2 amazing books (may or may not be signed)
  • 1 Bookworm Box tumbler (a must have, color will vary)
  • Some sticky stickers
  • 1 Bookworm Box pen
  • 1 or 0 snack bags (depends on when you order, snacks do go bad ya know)
  • 1 Bookworm Box purple lanyard

(Book Bonanza shirts are sold separately.)

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