1st Annual Collector's Edition Book Bonanza Ornament

**Pre-Order** 1st Annual Collector's Edition Book Bonanza Ornament. **Pre-Order**

Hot off the presses, a phenomenal Book Bonanza 2018 Christmas Ornament!!!!!!

Say it ain't so?  Well, it is so VERY SO!

Except: This ornament is not quite 'off the presses' yet! Instead, it's a Pre-Order. That means, you order it, we make it, we send it to you WAAAAAY before Christmas.


If you order other items in the store, EVERYTHING will be shipped together.  If you just cannot wait for everything to be shipped together, email us at info@thebookwormbox.com and we will get you taken care of.

This amazing ornament is double sided with the Book Bonanza image because, ya know, ornaments spin! We want you to have the greatness no matter your viewing angle!

This rare white ornament has the Book Bonanza image in gold metallic, yes, GOLD! (Not 14k though, you cannot melt it down).

Material: Balleek China (Heavy duty Irish Porcelain).

Size is: 3" tall includes a metal loop and cap for hanging

**Image is computer generated and may vary slightly.**

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