Bloodline Daughter of Evil, #2 by AR Dean

Autographed by AR Dean!

Her life has only just begun…… Kat has spent the past two years in Europe with Nick, adapting to her new life as a vampire, but she has only begun to scratch the surface of what that life really means. Shortly after her return to the States she begins having a series of dreams…terrifying dreams that leave her filled with fear and uncertainty. However, once she is awake she is unable to recall any details; the images fading immediately from her memory. Premonitions? That is what Nick thinks and he is determined to uncover the hidden images in her mind and discover why they leave Kat trembling. With the help of Dean and Stephan; Kat and Nick begin to unravel the mystery of her nightmares but there are still many unanswered questions….. Will they discover the secret that is buried deep within her subconscious before it’s too late? Kat’s dreams are not the only secrets that have been locked away inside her. When a figure from her past suddenly reappears, Kat learns how to unleash dormant abilities she never knew she had and soon gains surprising new information about her lineage…and the answers to why she possesses powers that other vampires do not.

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498 Pages - Paranormal Romance

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