Big Escapes, #4 by Candi Heart

Autographed by Candi!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Life is right on track for curvalicious entrepreneur, Michelle Wilson. Her travel agency is thriving, her passport is not as stamped as much as she'd hoped, but she's got a travel bucket list a mile long and is determined to see everything the world has to offer. She's also managed to lose a few pounds, and that was something she was proud of. When an unexpected fire almost burns down not only the bookstore next door to her travel agency, it also threatens to extinguish her ambitions and dreams, as the entire building gets closed down. But she soon finds herself facing a new obstacle: a tall, gorgeous firefighter with reddish hair, a foreign accent, muscles for days, and a smile that could melt an iceberg. Blaise. His name is Blaise. She shares a laugh about his ironic name with her friends, but in reality, she just can't get the sexy fireman out of her head. Is there any chance someone like him could be interested in someone like her? Only one way to find out...The insurance company will handle the damage to her hard-earned travel agency, but who will douse inferno in her heart when Blaise goes no-contact on her... and essentially disappears without a warning or a trace?

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260 Pages - Romantic Comedy

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