Beneath the Skin by Daryl Banner

Autographed by Daryl!

She's got her hands on a new art project.
I'd rather she had them on me.

They call me a player, but really I'm a lover.
I fall in love seven days a week.

Give me a few minutes and I'll charm my way into any woman's heart. Give me a few hours and I'll have her flat on her back, headboard dented, panties on the lampshade, and begging for more - guaranteed.

Until I'm knocked off my feet by Nell, the bangin' art school chick with the killer bod.

No, it isn't some love-at-first-sight kind of thing. In fact, I hate how she looks at me with those sharp, gorgeous eyes and I'm tripping over my feet, my swagger lost.

What is it about this woman that drives me crazy?

She deflects all my advances. She doesn't laugh at my jokes.
She makes me feel like I'm the joke.

That's okay. Hard-to-get is a game I know very well.
And I'm ready to play.

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