Beginning of the Reckoning, #3 by Vera Quinn

Autographed by Vera!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Joy -

I had to escape the family I helped create. Even though I helped create the family, I am not really a part of it. They forgot to tell me being a surrogate to two children would leave a gaping hole in my hear. My mind knows the children aren't mine but my heart hasn't gotten the memo yet. I came to Oklahoma for a fresh start and I have sworn off bikers, too much trouble. My heart is in pieces and I don't think I can survive another break.

Hacksaw - 

As VP of the Feral Steel MC I have worked hard to help put our club on the right path. We will still hand out club justice to our enemies but our reputation is to be fair and on the right side of the law. I love my club brothers and family but lately I have longed for more. More women, more alcohol, and more open road. I live my life free and hard. Then Joy walks into my life. Just when I have found the woman I can see keeping, trouble comes a calling. This time it looks like it is the Beginning of the Reckoning.

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434 Pages - Action & Adventure Romance

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