Beginning of the Inevitable #1 by Vera Quinn - Unsigned

Book is NOT autographed!

My father and sister are dead.
My ma is trying to come to terms with losing most of her family.
My blood brother, Stone, is a man on the run. His days are numbered.
My family let the Feral Steel MC down.
It is my job to put us back together and make us stronger.
My first job is to hunt down Stone and get retribution for everything he has torn apart.
Callie, my ol' lady, is by my side, helping keep our family safe.
I need to be strong and get rid of my weaknesses and be strong for my family and club.
I am Devil, the President of the Feral Steel MC.
Today is the Beginning of the Inevitable.
The day I take control and send everyone to hell that tries to stand in my way.

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