Been Searching For You by Nicole Evelina

Autographed by Nicole!

Searching for Mr. Right is harder than she thought...

A hopeless romantic, 34-year-old Annabeth Coe knows that her soul mate is out there somewhere. After all, she's been writing him heartfelt love letters since she was teenager. Her plan is simple: write her future husband letters and gift them to him on their wedding night to prove how long she's loved him.

Now, as an adult, Annabeth worries that he may never come along. But when she meets handsome literature professor Alex Grantham, she believes her quest for true love may finally be over. Unfortunately, her timing couldn't be worse. Frustrated with the love gods, Annabeth vows to take her fate into her own hands. But when the scars and mistrust from her past relationships threaten to destroy a budding relationship, she must face the harsh truth. With an ex-boyfriend who won't let go and a meddlesome best friend, Annabeth just might be searching for love for the rest of her life unless the man she's destined for is just one love letter away.

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310 Pages - Romantic Comedy

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