Becoming Me by Kim Claussen - BOOK BONANZA PICKUP ONLY

Autographed by Kim!

A life is so much more than what you see. Stella O'Brien's life looks postcard perfect from the outside. The only child of Senator Richard O'Brien and his wife Angela, she has everything she needs to sustain a life except for one thing, loving, doting parents who are only there while the cameras are rolling. Raised by a nanny, whose love is all she knows, she is hidden from the world in her gated mansion. Stella is smart, subservient, and eager to please, but has never had the opportunity to make any decisions on her own. A broken relationship and a horrific accident leave her wounded, but a loss greater than both of those, sends her spiraling out of control. Stella is forced on a journey or recovery and self-discovery. Along the way she meets a boy who encourages her to find herself. Tormented by the flaws that bind her, will she ever be able to trust herself enough to let him in?

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