Because of Beckett, #2 by AD Ellis

Autographed by AD Ellis!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Audrey Decker has no plans to stop treating people badly and she's definitely not going to stop using her body and sex as power. But when she ends up in therapy against her wishes, an ugly and painful repressed past is uncovered, and Audrey's world is tipped on its axis. Everything she thought she knew, everything she thought she was, is all changing. Jeremiah Jordan returns from serving two years overseas with a detached and hardened heart. When his world is rocked with unexpected news and difficult challenges, Jeremiah faces them head on. He's comfortable with where he is right now with his parents close by and his son as the center of his world. He has no time for the hassle that always accompanied dating in the past. Jeremiah won't let a relationship hurt him or his son again. A chance encounter brings Audrey and Jeremiah together. Deserving a second chance is much different than taking that second chance. Learning from mistakes and letting go of the past may be easier said than done. Can Audrey and Jeremiah push through their haunting pasts, or will their romance wither and die under the weight of it all?

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370 Pages - New Adult Romance / Second Chance

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