Bayou Grise by CD Hussey & L Fear


After being possessed by the ghost of Sanite Villere and made to do unspeakable things, Julien Villere is ready to get the hell out of New Orleans, and fast. Haunted by lingering shame, humiliation, and guilt, Julien discovers the perfect opportunity to escape when he discovers strange shrines to two women with the last name Grisé in his grandmother’s closet. 

A gator. That's what police say killed Nichole Montoya's father while he fished in Bayou Grisé. But she knows better, knows he isn't dead. Not because they haven’t found his body, but because she hasn't seen his ghost. Reluctantly returning to Plantation Grisé to settle his estate, Nichole is determined to do everything in her power to find him, even revisit old demons.

Located deep in the swamps of the Louisiana bayou, Plantation Grisé looks like a peaceful place for Julien to come to terms with his constant self-torment. But beyond the Live Oaks, Spanish Moss, and postcard surroundings, the Planation has its share of mystery. Together Nichole's demons and Julien's skeletons might just give them the answers they seek.

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