Another Sunrise by Charity Jackson

Autographed by Charity!

The first time my sister and I hid out in the Reynolds' barn next door I was only eight years old. For three years we would cross the freshly plowed dirt of the cornfields or push through cornstalks that blocked the moon before we were caught.

It's safe to say that my life has been difficult - one by one I've lost them all. The only person I have left to lose is myself, and my body is trying to finish the job. Now I'm all alone and heading back to the one place that ever felt like home.

Surrounded by peach orchards and cornfields I fell in love with my best friend and protector – only to lose him the night my world turn on end. I've lived without a piece of my heart for fourteen years; will my first love still hold it or have I lost him forever?

I lost Jenna the night I declared my love for her. I lost my wife after an achingly short marriage. How many times can a man have his heart broken, before it's damaged beyond repair?

I exchanged notes with my childhood best friend through an old pickle jar in the base of an oak tree. When she lived next door my thoughts were exchanged for hers, and over time our hearts were exchanged as well.

Fourteen years later the jar has been emptied - all my thoughts removed. That damaged heart? I think it's going to be okay - because the new note at the bottom of the jar is signed “I've never stopped loving you, Jen”

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252 Pages - Christian Romance

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