And So She Waited by Shakuita Johnson

Autographed by Shakuita!

**Mature audiences only 18+.contains darker elements**

This is not a story about love, but a story about how love can consume you. Heart, body, and soul. A story of loving someone so much that the love you feel harms you.

Have you ever loved someone so much, that before you realized it, they owned half of your soul?

Raven Sinclair first love had always been ballet until she met Remy Peters. She fell hard and she fell fast and never looked back. He was everything she always believed she wanted but he had other plans.

Remy Peters didn't believe in love and he wasn't looking for it. He just wanted to have a good time in between classes and swim team. He been seeing Raven for over a year and a half and he not sure how it lasted this long. It not like he made any commitments but when he stumbles on the prettiest girl he ever seen, he knows it time to let Raven go.

Matthew Masterson has loved Raven since he first saw her in ballet class when they were five. They have been best friends ever since and he not content to stay there. He sees Remy for who he really is and wastes no time in telling Raven every chance he gets but is Raven his happy ever after or does fate have other plans?

Love, lies, and obsession.three lives bound by twisted desires for what they can't have.

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