Alone by Lauren Wynn

Autographed by Lauren!

"I've learned that being alone and feeling alone are two very different things, and I'm finished with the feeling alone bit." Alex has spent the past couple years steering clear of relationships and found she was completely content with a life alone. Well… not totally alone, she has Kitty, her little white cat, and her small group of friends. And there are some things she's given up for a life alone – like hugs and kisses, but after awhile, those things are forgotten. Turin was taught never to hide from love but embrace it, head-on, in all its glory and splendor. And if, for whatever reason, it didn't work out, that was okay because there are always lessons in love and someday he'd find his Juliet. What Turin didn’t expect was to be so incredibly drawn to someone so determined to stay away from love. When tragedy strikes and Alex is faced with losing the most important person in her life will Turin’s persistence, patience, and love be enough to keep her from shattering or will she retreat, choosing to forever live her life ALONE?

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332 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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