All In, #2 by Yesenia Vargas

Autographed by Yesenia!

(This book is recommended for 14+)

Jimmy has big dreams... Jimmy’s captain of the varsity basketball team, and he’s going steady with the girl he’s loved since he was a kid. But he wants a college basketball scholarship more than anything. The odds are overwhelmingly against him, though, and then there’s the fact that he’s probably just not good enough to play college ball. And he’s willing to do anything to make them come true... But he doesn’t expect something completely out of his control to mess up everything he’s been working for since he made varsity freshman year. He must practice harder than ever if he wants a half decent chance of getting noticed by scouts during senior year. Jimmy will do anything for that chance at college ball. He just never realized that would mean pushing the girl he loves away or watching his best friend spiral into someone he doesn’t recognize. But he might lose it all for nothing... Sometimes, dreams require big sacrifices. But is it a sacrifice he should make? Or has he already lost everything? 

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234 Pages - YA Romance

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