Aligned, #3 by Jaci Wheeler

Autographed by Jaci!

A young visionary proves to be what United America needed all along…

After successfully reinstating harmony to all sectors of United America, Rosaline must now bring her plan to fruition. But such a huge undertaking has never been achieved by such a young president before, and the task is riddled with obstacles.
Westley Sanders always has a plan. With the help of data, knowledge, and his best friend Roz, he destroys any challenge set before him. But when Roz is away on a path of her own, he is faced with a new and uncertain future. Can a man who has always turned to rational thought survive in a world of radical emotions? Or will his hyper-intelligence be his ultimate downfall?

The expansion and preservation of a new, better world lies in the hands of two unlikely teenagers…

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299 Pages - YA Dystopian

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