A Viking's Lost Soul, #1 by TM Grinsley

Autographed by TM Grinsley!

Finn Fight. Kill. Erase. That is what I have been trained to do since before I could walk. Fight anyone who steps out of bounds, kill our enemies who threaten all we built, and erase them from the face of the earth. I was addicted to the kill- until she walked into my life. Her eyes have haunted my dreams since the moment I saw her. She is the one I need- the one who keeps the killer in me at bay. Stephanie No one can prepare you for the day when your parent passes away. Five years we battled cancer- and he was all that I had left. Every Wednesday night we would watch the History Channel and see what new discoveries were found all over the world. But now that was over. It’s just me, my cat, and the endless amounts of ice cream stashed in my freezer. Until, that is, I received a letter from a distant relative saying I needed to come back home. Without a second thought, I packed my belongings and left without ever looking back. What I didn’t expect was the six foot six god to barge into my life and shatter everything I knew...

*Not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen *Graphic Language *Strong Sexual Content *Dual POV

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