A Trailer Park Fairytale by TM Shivener

Autographed by TM Shivener!

(This book is recommended for 14+)

Jenna Morrison knows only the lucky ones get out of the trailer park. If it wasn’t for bad luck she wouldn’t have any luck at all. She is trying to make it through her senior year of high school without any more distractions. She has more than enough drama at home, she doesn’t need a boy to add to the mix.
But when Treyton Boyd moves back in down the street with his papaw, it becomes difficult to resist his charm. He is a Trailer Court Romeo wrapped up in a holey Pink Floyd tee shirt.
Treyton wants Jenna.
Jenna wants a different life.
Do fairytales really belong in the trailer park?

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308 Pages - YA Romance / Coming of Age

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