A Sky Full of Secrets by Briana Pacheco

Autographed by Briana!

Months after getting kicked out of college my senior year, I made a split decision and moved in with my best friend and his roommate, Nix. I never thought I'd try the whole 'friends with benefits' thing with Phoenix, but he didn't seem to mind when I offered up the idea. We promised no feelings would get involved. We lied to each other, to ourselves. In his eyes, I wasn't just the deaf girl or the family burden. I was beautiful and smart and a bit crazy with some anger issues which he overlooked because to him, I was normal. We were never supposed to be more, but you can't fight that pull when the stars align. We are fire and water. Stars and the moon. Phoenix and Luna. This is the story of how a man who loves everything showed a girl how to love herself.

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330 Pages - New Adult Romance

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