A New Forever Book 2 by Kimberly Hatch - BOOK BONANZA PICKUP ONLY

Autographed by Kimberley!

Twenty-seven year old Benjamin McKee has always believed in hard work, and that if he did the work and put in the hours, he could achieve his dreams. His only problem: no matter how hard he works, life seems to have it out for him. When Sadie first met Ben in Forever Changed, he was strong, handsome and had everything going for him. He owned a wildly successful restaurant and had a fiercely loyal group of friends, but that wasn't always the case. Time and again, Ben life has been turned upside down and inside out. How many times will he find the strength and determination to keep moving forward before he throws in the towel? Does Ben have it in him to fight for what he wants just one more time? Featuring all the characters you loved from Forever Changed and more, find out the life events that made Ben the man Sadie fell in love with. And then follow them into their New Forever.

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