A Daughter's Curse by CJ Davidson

Autographed by CJ!

A hidden society exists among us. Some ordinary people have the power to transform from mortals into elemental beings. They could be your banker, mailman, neighbor, fellow student, or even your school teacher. 16-year-old Brisnay Caplin doesn't think such beings exist. What's more, she doesn't know she is something more than human. She doesn't know she is destined to be queen of the Merrows capable of conjuring frozen weapons from water with a simple thought. Brisnay is miserable. Her father is abusive and her mother is too scared to leave. Life gets interesting when she meets Nickolaus...but that love is forbidden by her father. Then a mysterious book turns up in her parents' closet...this is the first clue that she could be something else. But as the queen-to-be investigates, she finds the elemental world forbids her love as well. Can Brisnay change the norm in the elemental world while confronting the shocking truths of her existence?

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380 Pages - YA Fantasy / Coming of Age

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