5 Stages of Riley Winters by RD Berg

Autographed by RD Berg!

He left me shattered and mentally scarred. Our divorce should have healed those emotional wounds. It didn’t. Nine months have passed, and I am still trying to piece together my life that was torn to shreds. I am a shell of the person I once was. GRIEF- Shrouds me in a cloak of darkness, isolates me from family and friends, and barely leaves me treading water. The only thing keeping me afloat is my rambunctious three- year -old son, River. FATE- Brings Liam Bowers into my life. he offers me everything my ex did not - love, adoration, romance and peace. Trouble - Slithers its way back into my life, threatening to kidnap the only glimpse of happiness I have found. My past and future are colliding, and I am afraid the only fatality will be ...ME.

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292 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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