12 Gifts For Christmas: Anthology by Multiple Authors (Mass Market)

Autographed by Julie!

By Caitlin Crews, Rebecca Winters, Tawny Weber, Brenda Harlen, Merline Lovelace, Karen Templeton, Sheri Whitefeather, Alison Roberts, Julie Kenner, Laura Marie Altom

Spend the 12 nights of Christmas with some seriously sexy men! You could -
1. Run away with Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome to Paris
2.Fall for your first love all over again
3. Become the mistress of an Arabian royal
4. Find a new life and a new love in the Pyrenees
5. Be whisked Cinderella-style from penniless single mum to pampered wife
6. Befriend a moody stranger
7. Enter a Christmas contest on a bet - with very high stakes!
8. Turn a rich Scrooge into a sexy Santa
9. Team up with a sexy FBI agent
10. Meet the man who broke your heart...who's still your husband!
11. Tell a dedicated doctor he's a dad!
12. Party on New Year's Eve and spot an old acquaintance.

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300 Pages


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